The first Crown of Glory celebration was held in Turku, Finland when Finland turned 100 years of independence. There the focus was in the Baltic sea area with a representative from every nine neighboring country of Finland under the prayer themes of unity, peace and reconciliation.  

In ”Kings Hall” in the Castle of Turku in 6.12.2017 all nine neighboring countries of Finland were represented with their own greeting, prayer and a prophetic gift to their prayer partner. Every representative had a prayer partner from some of the nine historic provinces of Finland. The presents and the greetings were exchanged between those prayer partners and in this way we could with prophetic actions declare the Lordship of Christ over our areas. People attending the celebration were especially lifting Christ above all congregational and other boundaries. The whole celebration consisted of two events: the main celebration and the evening celebration and during the whole day there were about 200 people attending.  

Our vision is to have a representative from every nation of Europe blessing Europe and each other in Crown of Glory -celebration in Berlin in the German Unity Day in 3.10.2020 when the unified Germany turns 30 years. The point of Crown of Glory events is with their own part to pray for the connection between east and west in Finland which lives between the pressure of east and west. In Berlin, that was once divided by east and west. And in the future, in Jerusalem that is still divided by east and west. In this vision Europe is divided to the following areas: North, south, west, east, Balkan and central Europe. These sections have been planned so that north blesses south, south blesses north, east blesses west, west blesses east, Balkan blesses central Europe and central Europe blesses Balkan. We are hoping to have a coordinator in every area possibly with a team the coordinator has gathered, with a task of coordinating the countries of that area and helping in gathering prayer representatives together. 

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