3.10.2020 in Berlin, an intercessor from every nation of Europe, blessing Europe and each other and praying for life, humility and eternity to come forth in Europe and everywhere else. This is the core of the vision.

3.10.2020 is the German Unity Day which is the only national holiday in the Federal Republic of Germany, and in 2020 it is also a Saturday. Every Crown of Glory celebration is meant to, on their part to be interceding for connection and unity between East and the West; in Finland, squeezed between East and West, in Berlin Germany once split by East and West and finally in Jerusalem, still divided by East and West. 

6.12.2017 was the first Crown of Glory celebration in Finland, where representatives from every nine historic provinces of Finland and every neighboring country of Finland around the Baltic sea were praying for unity, peace and reconciliation in the castle of Turku in the Independence Day of Finland. The continuance of these prayer themes in the coming events is also important.

The vision is to arrange a Crown of Glory Israel prayer celebration in 12/2024 where every nation of the world would be represented with the themes of oneness, man and God- Jesus Christ.

Depth and wideness to these visions has been drawn from local work in Finland where two outdoor events for the whole family has been arranged. First was Turku on Fire-Wind is Blowing 1.-8.8.2015 in the park of Kupittaa and the second Turku on Fire- Turku Feels 1.-8.8.2018 beside the river Aura in the park of Turku Cathedral.

A follow up to these events is to arrange a Turku on Fire event after the Crown of Glory Europe 1.-8.8.2021 and it would take place in the park of the Turku Castle. After Crown of Glory Jerusalem there would be again a Turku on Fire event on 1.-8.8.2025 at the market square in Turku that is by then renewed. So, this is a vision that is spoken of when it comes to the Crown of Glory Europe.


The event organizers and volunteers are planned to be in Berlin 1-5.10.2020, for attendees the event is three days long, from Friday to Sunday, 2-4.10.2020. The event itself and the main celebration being 3.10. in Berlin, hopefully in Reichstag building. But the day before the event and the next day, side events would be arranged, like prayer walks, prayer and worship nights, thanksgiving, etc. like in the first Crown of Glory. Day one for the organizers and volunteers in Berlin, would look like organizing and preparing for the event, clarifying the tasks everyone would be doing. Day five would be completing everything and celebrating the volunteers and organizers with their own thanksgiving, before returning to their countries and cities, each at their own pace.

The gathering of prayer representatives is to be organized in six different groupings. Northern, Western, Southern, Balkan, Eastern and Central Europe. The basic idea is that North blesses South and South blesses North, East blesses West and West East, Central Europe blesses Balkan and Central Europe Balkan.

North and South blessing each other, as well as East and West, strengthens the core parts of Europe. Central Europe and Balkans blessing each other strengthens the steps of unity in Europe, the route, towards Israel. (And towards the Crown of Glory Jerusalem, if God willing!)

In addition, each country has its own prayer partner from these groupings, for the Northern countries, partners from Southern countries, etc.

Prayer partners are:

North – South

  • Iceland – Malta
  • Lithuania – Vatican
  • Latvia – San Marino
  • Estonia – Andorra
  • Finland Portugal
  • Sweden – Spain
  • Norway – Italy
  • Denmark – Cyprus

Balkan – Central

  • Greece – Slovenia
  • Serbia – Czech Republic
  • Macedonia – Poland
  • Croatia – Germany
  • Montenegro – Austria
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Slovakia
  • Albania – Switzerland
  • Bulgaria – Liechtenstein

East – West

  • Russia – United Kingdom
  • Romania – Ireland
  • Ukraine – Netherlands
  • Moldova – Monaco
  • Hungary – France
  • Belarus – Belgium
  • (Transnistria) – Luxembourg

In the celebration it is also meant for each country to bring a prophetic gift worth 10-50€ (this is an estimate, you don’t have to buy a gift, you can also make it yourself, etc.) as a symbol of your country’s prayers for life, humility and eternity to that other group and specific country.

It is also intended to invite some representatives of other countries (all are welcome) from different continents (hopes are, to have one guest from each continent with preparation of 2024 Crown of Glory Jerusalem in mind) and the Israeli representative (s). At the very core of the event is to bless Israel, as well as raising Europe to bless Israel, all of which are steps towards the Crown of Glory in Jerusalem in 2024.

At the celebration, each group, led by its coordinator, will present together with gifts named and ready for the other group and its representatives. Groups can bring their gifts and present their prayers, prophecies and words in a way chosen by their coordinator for a selected time (e.g. 30min group / 1h group pair (e.g. South and North groups)). For example, either the representative of each country speaks a few words, or one or two speaks from the messages collected from everyone, or another way of implementation chosen. At the main celebration, the priority is to bring out the messages between the groups, and secondly, the messages between individual countries. Creativity can be used in everything and it is intended to give an opportunity for deeper sharing in a different situation during the event.

The gathering of prayer representatives and groups is meant to be done by a coordinator sought from each six areas mentioned earlier. For the Northern Group there will be one coordinator to coordinate the Northern area representatives and their action, both before and during the event. It is also the coordinator who communicates with the group representatives to the event organizers in order to maintain clarity.

So, in the early stages of organizing the event, it would be essential to find the person (s) who could act as coordinator for each area, both spiritually and practically. When the event organizer wants to communicate something to the groups, the event organizer communicates to coordinators, who take the message forward and vice versa. Likewise, potential interested representatives from different countries are primarily directed to contact the coordinator in their area and to agree about the details on representation tasks. The Coordinator is also expected to maintain contact with and encourage and pray for his or her area to reach its mission. Coordinators are also expected to provide significant help and support in organizing local intercession & info gatherings.

Intercession & info gatherings

Before the event it is the goal to arrange six of these intercession & info gatherings. One for every area, where people from that area are invited. Those who are interested to be a representative for their countries and others that are interested. Those who can’t come, can follow the event on the Internet, or see it later.

The planned dates and times are as follows:

September 21, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden (Northern Group), October 2019 in Paris, France (Western Group), November 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Spain (Southern Group). February 2020 in Tirana, Albania (Balkan Group), April 2020 in Kiev, Ukraine (Eastern Group), 20.6.2020 in Berlin (Central Group). It is hoped that the intercession & info gatherings would be on Saturdays, for example, from 12am to 6 pm with quite similar structure. Information about the upcoming event, the vision, history and future will be communicated in these gatherings and practical information about attending, etc., prayer for the themes of the event (life, humility, and eternity) and for the practical preparations. There will also be prayer for that area, the discovery of representatives from the area and for clarity in everything as well as prayer for the countries in that area AND for the prayer partner area and its countries. It would also be good to have worship and fellowship during the gathering.

For practical implementation we hope to find through coordinators or other networks a space big enough for 200 people (not necessarily a large crowd is expected to come, but a number of people willing and interested, intercessors, but also anyone who wants to come) and the opportunity of live streaming so that the recording could be seen later also for future interested representatives to see until the event itself on 2020. The most important thing about streaming quality is that you can watch the meeting in a satisfying way enough.

The only official language for the actual event will be English, but regional Info and Prayer Days are expected to be bilingual, in one of the area’s major languages and English ​​ (e.g. Swedish and English, French and English, etc.). Finding an interpreter with enough knowledge is also needed with the help of a coordinator or other network.


For the actual celebration, we hope the venue to be Reichstag Building at least 3rd October 12am to 6pm, preferably the whole of 3.10. However, this is a big prayer topic.

For side events, prayer events, the 4.10. thanksgiving event, training and meeting of volunteers, 24/7 worship and prayer events, etc., we would need partners in the Berlin area to provide smaller facilities either completely free of charge (e.g. churches) or at least affordably. It would be nice to have some space, even a small one available for us, for example the whole 1-5.10. And then different places for other side events. Friday night prayer walks are likely to take place outside, but space is needed for other situations. This, as well as the Berlin area partners in general, are big prayer topics.

Even to the main celebration itself, we believe participants to be a maximum of 500 people. We are not seeking to build a mass event but looking for God’s power that comes when people who are truly seeking God come from different countries (and different Christian frameworks!) to search what is God’s best for the whole world and for the area they live in. There is power in prayer and even more in common targeted intercession.


Thank you, if you will join us to stand in the gap for building a better and safer and happier (and also more Israel positive) future Europe!

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Crown of Glory -celebration at castle of Turku 6th Dec 2017!

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